Global companies are welcomed to bid with their ideas for a 30-square-km area at initial stage, said Niu Jingfeng, deputy director of Xiongan New Area preparatory committee.

Niu told a press conference that the committee had organized top talent in drafting the plans for the new area and a competition would be organized for design ideas.

Specific plans on administrative control were also welcomed, he said.

The area has had tight controls on land resources, household registration, house sales and construction since last June to restrict speculation, Niu said.

Neighboring counties, cities and districts also have similar control measures since April 1, when plans for Xiongan New Area were announced.

The new area, some 100 kilometers south of Beijing, will eventually cover 2,000 square kilometers, with a population of 2 to 2.5 million. It is expected to help transfer Beijing's non-capital functions.

To prepare for the land purchases, relocation of local residents and new construction work, the committee mobilized 1,500 cadres in local villages to explain the policy and hear public opinion, said Niu.

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